Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I want I want I want.......

The Mr. and I have been going through quite the storm, and I have been a bit lax on my blog duties - so for that I apologize. Just keep us in your prayers and we will be sure and do the same for you all.

Now, my annual what I want if I could have something ridiculous moment.

My sweet father in law bought me a bike a few years back. We don't ride bikes. They sit in our garage. We talk about riding bikes often. That's about as far as it goes - talk.

My sister's boyfriend recently designed his own bike online & while searching for something cute for my sister in law's new apartment for Christmas, I stumbled upon the amazing  bikes they have these days @ Urban Outfitters. Design your own bike! YES! I can make it as silly as I'd like - from the handle bar colors to the tires! My favorite two designs so far are these.......

I can't decide.....I probably will never have to. But for a short $399.00 I can make that very decision. That, and the decision to get on a bike and actually utilize the things I've been given. But that's another post.

Love you guys! I hope your Thanksgiving was full of yummy food and precious time with your friends and family


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