Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Already ready for another honeymoon.......

Well, our honeymoon was nothing like I expected, but it was AMAZING and now I'm thinking I could use a re-do of the whole thing (minus the sick part). Work is awesome bc i actually have a job, however, I need to get away and relax without worrying about anything at all. I went throuhg our honeymoon pics and chose a few of my favorite moments that bring back such fun memories from that vacation! We went to the Riviera Maya in Mexico and did an all-inclusive package (definately a must unless your dieting haha) which meant we could eat, drink, play, do just about anything all for free, and in many cases, until you were unable to walk you were so full! It didn't begin in Mexico though :( .... We took that limo to Atlanta where we were supposed to spend the night, then leave the next morning around 10am. Well, after I spent much of the night by the toilet, Joey told me to suck it up (I tend to exaggerate & he thought this was nothing but me being nervous) and take a bath while he got our luggage downstairs for the cab. Well, he couldnt find the passports!!!! turns out they were in my parents' trunk and we were SCREWED to say the least. My dad began the drive and we were trying to book another later flight for the day when I only got worse, not better. Now that I was COMPLETELY dehydrated I was wallowing in the bed screaming crying from shooting pains and cramps all through my body. I would drink to fix that, then get sick again because I'd had something to drink...it was an awful cycle. After a thousand flight cancellations (sp?) and bookings we decided that I would be better by 2 days later and we'd leave for the honeymoon on Tuesday instead. Since my dad was on his way already to bring the passports, he wound up taking us home with him which worked out. It was a bit embarrassing though when I walked out in sunglasses and a tshirt with my daddy helping me out of a hotel. I bet people were staring bc they thought I was either there with him, or that I got "busted" for being in a hotel with a boy (since I look about 13 when im sick with no make up). After a long ride home (we didnt have our apartment ready yet so nowhere to go) we found out that my uncle rented us a suite in liberty park to stay in for those 2 nights so the honeymoon would seem less destroyed. His daughter is the one I caught the bug from so I think he felt a little guilty poor thing! We had such a fun time at that hotel too! We ate jello and water pops and watched movies and took funny videos to have as reminders of that time. Nothing too romantic turned into one of our favorite memories from the entire honeymoon :)

This pic is Joey showing off his new jewelry. He has never taken it off even to show someone bc he says that he wants me to be the first and last person to put it on him......so darn sweet! let's just hope he never gets fat and has to remove it haha
This was when we FINALLY made it to the Atlanta Airport for the second time to head to Mexico! HE was eating and well, I thought that was just cruel! haha...i still felt pretty weak
our arrival! IT WAS SCORCHING HOT!
First night headed to dinner.
Newlyweds champaigne......I had about a half a sip......sprite was the drink for me those first few days
Can people honestly not believe there is a God? LOOK AT THIS!
My first day back from the dead...feeling much better and we stayed out the entire day :)
Joey is TERRIFIED of lizards and they were hUge and everywhere you turned!Mr & Mrs. Jones
We didn't find anything to buy that wasnt ridiculously priced or dumb until we stumbled upon Maria :) the bobble-head turtle became the answer to our tiresome search for a souvenier. She is on our bedside table now and she nods to everything we ask! The BEST kind of pet ever!
The bathing suit momma bought me......i begged and didnt think I got it......last minute surprise :) Thanks momma

This was before we headed to the spa......I discovered this past year that spas are the greatest thing on this planet! I LOVE THEM
The lobby at our hotel.....

our last evening in Mexico. WE just took in the surroundings and enjoyed time together. I loved this night!
My sister's boyfriend, Renaud, got us Mexican jumping beans from the airport. I insisted we set them free in their homeland once I realized there really are little critters in there and they can live if you let them go. What better place to be set free than Mexico?!?! haha
headed home. We were so anxious to get back and start our lives together. I'm anxious to go back now! the grass is always greener.....
HERE is where we MUST go next August to celebrate our one year........
Leslie & Todd went for their's and the pictures were beautiful!!!!

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