Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas time makes me smile

THANK GOODNESS!!!! I joke with Joey a lot and tell him that the only reason I married him was to have a home to decorate for Christmas :) Honestly, that's why I married him....I simply lucked out because he's cute and nice and growing on me so I see it as a bonus. KIDDING, but not really........I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas time. Not a fan of thanksgiving, but I AM a fan of being thankful so don't get the wrong idea. Thanksgiving was great this year, don't get me wrong, but I'm not big on thanksgiving food so the whole eating until you puke thing isn't for if it were pizza and hot wings, I'd LOVE IT! Marriage proved to be what everyone claimed it would be for the holidays....EXHAUSTING! house hopping is not fun especially traveling from chelsea (my aunt's) to pinson (his grandparents'). If we had the space we would definately plan something there to avoid all that travel, and we are trying to work something like that out for Christmas, but we'll see what we can handle.

We started the week before Thanksgiving by appeasing me and getting a pre-lit white tree for the bedroom. Joey was so confused by the gray, silver, pink scheme and didn't understand my friend Julie's expression of a "color scheme" for Christmas at all. "It should be red and green sunny" he said so sweetly :) haha....silly boy! Well, we went with the soft colors for the bedroom and since i hate hate hate tree skirts we used this fun furry white blanket which ended up looking pretty cute if I may say so myself...

We knew that Christmas songs weren't enough, so we decided to go with some chocolate chip cookies as well to set the mood. I tried to make them a little less filled with lard, but after eating the batter and about a pound of them after they cooked I think the whole "less dat" thing was ruined. Oh well.....

Finished product. They were super hot which as you know means for a messy husband and a little over-eating!

Thanksgiving stop number one: Aunt Donna's house for too much food! My full family....minus amanda which was our first thanksgiving apart :( i'm sorry but that handsome man doesn't look 60 years old! my parents are so darn cute!!!!
I did some black Friday shopping with Mandy and this is what I came home heart melted a little

Tradition number two: day after Thanksgiving go get a tree from Howell's Tree Farm in Mountain Brooke! mom and dad came along to help us learn the ropes....we were real tree virgins!!! this was our original pick, but we had to pass it up bc the stand we got wouldnt work with it...

Family photo tradition I believe

Joey was so excited after we got her in the house and ready to decorate

Stringing the lights for the short time that Joey let me have a turn....
FINISHED PRODUCT! i abolutely love our first tree!!!!!
Homemade stockings....I made the pinecones out of clay and sewed them onto our stockings....Joey bedazzled his own :) haha...sweet boy
Bedroom lights :) YAY!

Bedroom tree which Joey has actually grown to really love!

I can't wait to keep adding to this special time in our lives and look forward to sharing it with our children one day !

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