Monday, December 7, 2009

LoVe & rESpeCt.....

well, tonight marked the end of our Love & Respect small group at church. We have been watching a conference and discussing materials with 2 other couples the past few months, and we have not only strengthened our relationship with one another, but our personal relationships with Christ as well. It's been tough to hear some of the things God wanted from us, but even more rewarding to see where it all led to tonight. The whole point of the series is to teach us how God has designed us (man and woman) in such different ways. We have conflict for this very reason, but that conflict isn't there to cause us trouble or arguments, but to instead strengthen our relationships with one another, and most importantly, with Him. God commands husbands to LOVE their wives, and women to RESPECT their husbands. Don't you think it odd that he doesnt command the opposite? or both? Women were created as loving beings. We love just about everything, especially our husbands, without having to try very hard to do so. God knew that we would need to be respectful to our husbands (bc this is what they most desire) and that we would need the command to do so since it doesnt come quite as naturally to us. The same goes for men. They show respect, and crave respect, and this comes naturally. Writing love notes and stopping to hold our hand, well that just isn't something that comes naturally to them, yet it means so much to us. The "crazy cycle" or our arguing begins when this natural flow is disrupted. If our husbands aren't loving to us, well we lose respect. When we act disrespectful to them, they will react in an unloving way....and so the cycle begins. Tonight was finally the best explanation to it all that I could have ever imagined. WE learned that God didn't command these things so I would have a great marriage, but so that I could earn the rewards he has for me in Heaven. So that when he asks what I did to serve him on earth, I can hear "well done my good and faithful servent" WHAT A REWARD!!!! How I treat Joey is a reflection of my love and respect for Christ. Joey is simply the shoulder, the being, the person closer to me physically. Joey is receiving the "Spill over" of my love to Christ, and if I am disrespectful to Him, then there isn't much respect being given to God. Dr. Eggerich put it perfectly. You step on a rose and it's inner being, the fragerance, is shown. The smell is amazing even though you've stepped on it. ou do the same to a skunk and it is a terrible smell that would disgust just about anyone. What scent to I give off when I'm stepped on, smothered, and unloved? I want to give off a sweet smell and a sweet spirit as a reflection of my love for Christ. God intended marriage to strengthen our relationship with Him. To make us holy! not to give us a fun ride on Earth to better benfit ME and make ME happy. That happiness and friendship I have with Joey is simply a reward to our marriage and relationship with Christ. I am so excited to show Joey every day that I respect him, and even when he is unloving (which is not very often which I am blessed for that reason) I will remain respectful bc I respect Christ and that will only show through my actions. Thanks to Joey, Kelly, Emilie, and Jeremy for an amazing time of fellowship and growth. We love you and will always remember the base you allowed us to create for our marriage.

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