Saturday, December 12, 2009

my "in my dreams" Christmas list....

Dear Santa Claus,

I've been such a good girl.........

I love this chandelier! I've decided that the distressed wood look that my parents use is something Joey and I could make work for us as well in order to mesh our styles. NOW that I've figured out "our taste" after much searching, I need a few small things, and preferably a small cottage in English Village of course, to make it all happen...haha...good to dream right?

This dining room table is gorgeous and my china from Table Matters was made to sit on it ;) LOVE LOVE LOVE it These chairs are SO comfy and the fabric is gorgeous!!! who says dining room chairs have to be uncomfrotable?
This coffee table is from Restration Hardware......I'm obsessed with it! In the store they have vintage books stacked on the lower level and it looks so amazing with a luxurious, fancy couch. Something about the old wood and new couch that work together....haven't found the right couch yet though
Oh the winged chair! 2 preferably....My mom has some that put this to shame, but something tells me she won't be sharing any more furniture......I do love these though! Not so much on the comfort scale, but they just dont need to be when they look this good ;)

So...on a selfish, silly, slightly pointless note, these are my dream Christmas gifts. Hopefully one day I'll get ONE of these things, but until then...........
Yours Truly,
Sunny Jones (sheppard last year, please don't forget me! i still believe!!!!!)

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