Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Eve Baby


Christmas is OVER! It amazes me how excited I get each year as Christmas approaches, only to have the same excitement for it's departure! I guess all the build up needs a release with a new year, and what a fun way to let such a huge event go!!!!

New Years Eve is quite the holiday, but the best part is knowing that God sent my best friend to this earth on that very day 29 years Amanda, 29 is only one away from the big 3 - 0 !!! old woman!



You have always been the best big sister a girl could ask for.....unless you make me do something I don't want, then I just get pissy ;)

I started of biting you, then just kissed your feet a lot (literally), followed by this act of endearment I call the "almost lick" regardless, you smile through it all and that makes for a pretty awesome big sister :)

You never did like cheesy things

I'll never really understand how you have managed to become such a talented, brave, independent woman! You Packed your bags at 19 years old and flew to NYC without mom and dad there to help you move into your dorm. Then 9-11 comes, and after walking through the chaos you STILL wouldnt let dad drive to come get you. Your bravery surpasses anything I've ever been able to muster & I've never doubted your abilities to actually make it through it all, no matter what was thrown your way

Somehow you have taken your business, and made it into something amazing that I could have never imagine my own sister would be a part of. You and Lucia have been in hundreds of magazines, and most recently your spreads in Harper's Bazaar made me just about the proudest sister on earth.
HERE is a video that really made me proud to see you in! You were stunning to watch.

This photo always reminded me of an old have a beauty that reminds me of grace kelly. Somehow you have always managed to make some of the most gorgeous backdrops fade.

This night, my lingerie shower, I couldnt believe how you went outside in the august heat at NOON to BUILD me a white tent for the party on our porch. Who does that? God had such a perfect plan in the order he created us. I could have never made such a wonderful older sister

I may have bagged a JONES, but you bagged a FRENCH....Renaud has a special place in my heart & I love him for the way he loves you. You make him smile in a way that shows how much he truly cares about and loves you.

And all those smiles could be because of the silly moments you text to us all while we go through our monotonous days.....only you would go to a Tim Burton exhibit wearing stripes and not realize you'd match his cartoons :) Loved this break in my day!

Thank you for caring for me like I was a choice and not a responsibility. You have made each special moment in my life even more amazing because of your inner beauty. If it was my tears at 1 on Christmas day or my stomach bug at 24 on my wedding day, you've always known exactly what to do and say to make the frown dissappear and a huge smile appear on my face. Thank you for being my best friend and giving me the best laughs, fights, phone chats, sleep-overs, and years I could ever ask for. I love you always

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paula said...

happy birthday Amanda and a happy new years to mr. and mrs jones.