Thursday, January 14, 2010

kicking myself...

The envelope system has failed me! absolutely, positively failed me! Well, maybe I've failed myself if I really think about it. No one ask me to play until next Friday (payday) and then only ask me to play cheap things with you b/c I have let myself down! I am a savings addict NUT CASE, and I like to allocate funds to the bills and necessities each paycheck before spending a dime. Getting married & blending the finances was even more of a confusion for me. Joey agreed (since I'm a bit of a control freak) to let us continue the envelope system until we get the hang of all of this. This system I am talking about is something that my dad taught me when I was little with my allowance each week. I've actually heard financial advisors (what my husband is taking that test to be btw) discuss how it is a good idea for people starting out on their own to do for a while. It basically entails making a list (or exell spreadsheet in Joey Jones' world) of what dollar amount each need/bill/etc. requires monthly from you and your hubs (or roomate or dog or needy get the point). So for example we have amounts for house savings, groceries, water, electric, aspyn (duh), car insurance, rent, tithing, groceries, gas, and so on listed on the spreadsheet. Then Joey's smart self has formulas in there so we typed in our salaries' paycheck amounts and it allocates what each of us owe based on the percent of our check. This is awesome because if someone makes more than the other, they aren't paying the same amounts towards a bill that is taking a huge chunk of the smaller salaried one (poor dear). Well this was fun but the envelopes were super duper ugly, so I made some homemade ones from a template through this website I found somehow (can't remember for the life of me..) & bought some paper and velcro enclosings and labeled them so it would be prettier for Joey's MY sake.

Cute right? WRONG! I HAVE to get this done that friday or it all fails me bc I spend money I don't have. It's Thursday and we just sat down after dinner to allocate funds. Well, Sunny the genious had about 300.00 less than I normally do, resulting in a neglected dog fund, along with nothing going to savings in order to make it until Friday. Now I'm super bummed out! When we do it on time and put it in the envelopes, then I KNOW what I have and I simply don't spend it if I don't have it....bottom line....

Now I think I'll go slip into one of these

Watch this

And dream of this
seaside..the greatest place on earth!

Good night everyone!

Did I mention I forgot Aspyn's 5th bday monday? I bought her these to make up for it (her favorite) a blog in her honor is on it's way tomorrow morning.....I know the suspense is killing all one of you who probably look at this (or 2 I forgot Paula) Thanks Momma Jones! haha....

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