Monday, February 22, 2010

sick day

I spent my Sunday on the floor of my bathroom on a pallet with the stomach virus. As luck would have it, my boss is out of town and with me being the only one who knows how to open and close, I had to come regardless....I feel rotten

and could DEFINATELY use a bowl of this....but I left it at home :(
and my day would be complete if these 3 would make me giggle while eating that yummy soup. Instead I sit here processing loans and wondering if magic 96 truly doesn't play the same song twice a day bc I swear I heard this one already once...hmmm

Prayer request: I have lost an earring (yes, I realize this would be finding a needle in a haystack) but I really think it is in our apartment since the back was still on my ear...please pray that God directs me to it bc it means a lot to me and I hate hate HATE losing things...especially things that are special to me, and these were. Have a happier Monday than mine is please :)

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