Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby on the brain..but not for me

So, my sweet friend Mandy is having a little girl (Chloe Lane) this summer and she sent me some nursery progress pics on my drive home from work yesterday. I am FAR from ready to have a little one, but I sure have enjoyed visiting blogs and websites featuring such pretty little nurseries during my down time today. Now when we ARE ready (I'd say AT LEAST 2 years) I will know cute little places to look and shop thanks to Mandy. For the time being I'll just play with Chloe when I can and take pictures of the little ones rather than have one for keeps ;)

How elegant is this? Still so sweet and could work for boy or girl....I don't think I'd want to know, but Joey insists that he MUST when the time comes

Image via simplified bee
This was a totally different look, and minus the painting/picture above the crib, I thought it was so sweet.

The Good Life in Birmingham, Al. is actually where Mandy works, so she has definately had her chance @ tons of beautiful things. You should definately check the store out if ever in the area. It's owned by a sweet girl named Sunni Glidewell (great name huh? ;) ....) and located in Vestavia. She carries other things too if babies aren't in the market like gorgeous furniture and fun gifts like candles, frames, etc. I LOVE this when I spotted it on her site the other day. So sweet and WHITE which i LOVE.

And my all-time favorite nursery? Jennifer Lopez's twin's room. This room screams SUNNY HAVE TWO BABIES SO YOU CAN HAVE THIS ROOM! If it did scream this to me, I would also need it to scream me a new job that makes millions as I'm sure it would cost a pretty penny to do the thing justice.

Friday is T minus 3 days guys...We can make it I'm sure.

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