Wednesday, March 24, 2010

They say you shouldn't be afraid of it...

Afraid of what you might ask? COLOR!
Colors, I LOVE them all, however, I can't live with them. I see myself drooling over images of bold colors, but always stick with neutrals (and that one blue shade I love) when decorating. I suppose it all goes back to the "peaceful feeling" thing. Regardless, I enjoyed spotting these images while taking a breather from a doozy of a loan i'm tackling today. Enjoy :)

Looks like the kind of place Alice in Wonderland would like to live.

Via: House Beautiful

And this, pretty as it may be...terrifies me to DEATH .... the thought of committing to color like this would be simply give me a heart attack!

RIP Dominoe (miss that thing)

Regardless, this is something I plan to work on....take this chic for example....she seems to really be enjoying her pops of color.

Dominoe Magazine
Am I the only one stuck in this rut?
Happy Hump Day

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paula said...

we are one in the same mrs sunny jones:)