Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hunger Pains

So, after a fabulous dinner of parmesan tilapia, greek salad, and squash, I am STILL hungry.
This will be the second night that dinner was NOT enough ( I believe i'm hitting my special week where I eat like I'm a bear getting ready to hibernate for winter.....hate it) Anyhoot, this got me thinking about foods I love, followed by the plates I want from Table Matters, and finally, how I'd like to decorate our future dining room.

I loved the colors in this space. Just replace the table with mine from Restoration, the bench with my chairs from Restoration (I know, i like to mix things up don't I?), and the wallpaper with some grasscloth.....then maybe a chandelier? Okay, so maybe the colors were the only part I liked to this one...
I love love love (did I say love?) this image! Seen it several times, and trust me, if my name were Alice in Wonderland, and I was single, I would COMPLETELY love the idea that I could live with darn cute! Why does cute/colors/exciting freak me out with decor? What a rut!
More colors I like (notice my pattern....blues, whites, and neutrals) YAWN
This photo has me convinced that the table is somewhere in Tuscany with a hottie (joey of course) in a little galley kitchen off to the side cooking croissants and brewing fresh coffee.....did I mention the sun is rising just outside the photo? yeah, someone is craving a vacation just a bit

Is anyone else really wishing tomorrow were Friday? Anyone? I'm dying here! Loans are pouring out of my ears .....

Ps: decided I wanted some spaghetti that was fresh, and sorta came up with a killer combo for a delicious, it's not magic (how complex can you make a spaghetti recipe?), but I think my tummy has fairy dust inside as a result....don't believe me? I'll post the recipe soon and you can grow your very own :)

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