Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

This weekend was such a fun time to spend with my family! Friday night, we celebrated mommy day with Joey's momma, and we had chicken tacos and had quite the "kitchen talk night" (you guys know what this entails).....the night was long, but i have no photos to document :( camera was at home.....

Sunday, we went to church with both mommas, then headed to oak mtn to picnic for lunch :)
We brought the doggies along...This is momma's little family...lula (dark) and evie
she is quite possibly the most beautiful woman on earth.....not to mention fun, loving, God name it :)
and these two men? well, they melt my heart!
She couldn't stop being a mom after Amanda and I she got these two...Lula loves sticking her tongue out at me :)
Earlier that week (wed night) was Cinco de Mayo, so we ate Pablos for dinner and I got to hang out with all of my sweet girl friends !!! love them
Saturday was INSANE! two weddings within 2 hours .... opposite sides of the universe, but guess what? We made it to I tired? yes! but so glad I got to make both!

Haley wasn't ready for this one I dont think ;)
Me and my favorite men at Leah's wedding....both brides were absolutely gorgeous :) Congratulations Lauren and Leah!
He is such a great wedding date!
So are you JUJU
Just want to take a second to say Thank you to my mommies :) I have been blessed with such an amazing mom, and for some reason God decided to allow me to have yet another amazing woman in my life through Joey's mom. Thank you to you both for loving me so much, and thank you for putting up with me :)

Mom, you are such an amazing woman! I cant thank you enough for showing me what it looks like to have Christ living so strongly within you that His love radiates from within. You will always be my hero, and my example for what I desire to grow to be. I love you to the moon


paula said...

cant believe you made it for both weddings. you looked gorgeous as always.

Leah Dockery said...

thank you for making it to mine Im so sad I didnt get to come talk to you