Monday, June 14, 2010


For those of you who don't know, I'm a loan officer and manage a credit union in homewood for Alagsco employees. NOT what I went to school for, but it feel in my lap and thanks to Jesus I am figuring out how to wing this. God found me 2 jobs! Somehow my hobby of photography has turned into a business and I'm thrilled to go home and work on something I love after a long day of helping people buy houses, boats, you name it. (did I mention those sweet lovely folks who cant remember a password for the life of them? that type!). Well, Brenda my co-worker is out for the WEEK and we are short one employee...on what seems the eternal search for the "right" person. A pig would help at this point. Needless to say, my day (and week) looks this way so far:

booked 3 boat loans
attended a webinar on credit card fraud
booked 1 home loan (THESE ARE INSANELY AWFUL)
booked 6 (count it) SIX auto loans
ate a turkey sandwich in the time is takes most to sneeze
sent the title for a car to someone who sells seadoos...(woops)
spilt my coffee on my shirt

and for tonight:
1. p90x kenpo (i overslept...usually try and get this done in the morning)..this will be especially bad tonight since yesterday was butt and legs and my butt feels like someone shattered it. cant wait for tonight
2. clean house (ewwww)
3. edit photos
4. make it in bed by 9:30 (I know, but did i mention with Brenda being out I have to be at work an hour earlier? yet I still leave at the late time I usually do? gorgeous!


Joey said...

I will cook, clean, massage feet and back, whatever you need from me to make your night any better. I am so very proud of everything that you are accomplishing. You really are SuperWoman and I love you very very much!

paula said...

yeah for the photography and 9:30 bed time, boo for the rest:)