Sunday, June 13, 2010

Homemade Pizza For Two....

Time to share the recipe I created with my momma years ago that convinced me what fun cooking could really be. It's changed over the years, but remains delicious!!! Who doesn't love pizza? This not only is better for you, but doesn't leave you feeling bloated and yucky when it's over. That's what sent my mom into the kitchen years ago....a little less gross and a lot more fresh. Enjoy

Ingredients are important with this recipe....they NEED to be cant sub a fresh tomato with Prego, or Fresh basil with seriously will create a bad bad bad version (Tried the shortcut version a few years back)

1. FRESH basil
2. Roma Tomatoes
3. Fresh garlic...crushed
4. ground pepper
5. Olive Oil
6. Italian Seasoning (this can actually be the dry spice)
7. garlic salt (this is bottled too..)
8. Whole wheat (or whatever version you like) pitas
9. Parmesan cheese (here's where you make or break it...this is the simplest version but let me also recommend adding FRESH it in it's juices and slice strips to add....i chose not to just to minimize calories this time)....OH feta is great too to add on top
10. salt
First, prepare you pita strips. I start by cutting one round in half, then that in half again. you'll end up with pieces like this (there is a method to this madness I swear)
Next, Poke your fingers through the opening and gently separate the one triangle into 2. This is my way of taking one pita round and making it two pizzas rather than one. It's half the fat and makes it crispier anyways, which is nice:) you can attempt other ways, but this always worked the best without ripping the pitas.
One became two :)
Next I mix the base. Chopped garlic (as much as you like) with olive oil, italian seasoning, salt, pepper, and a few shakes of garlic salt too. Stir it up and spread it over your pitas with a brush. Just a side note, for a delicious/fattier version, spread pesto sauce thinly. This is AMAZINGLY good with this recipe.
Now we build out pizza. I slice my tomato thin, and place on top. At this point I do one more light shake of garlic salt, and pepper. Next I add my cheese ( a little goes a long way) and top with fresh basil from my porch. You can then add chicken, asparagus, broccoli, whatever you like to the top. We kept it simple and cheesy this time. (to have a super amount of flavor in your cheese, yet still use less AND save on fat...go organic. Fresh Market has some freshly grated in the middle of the store ready to buy for about 4 bucks. You use so much less of it with all that extra flavor.

Finish it off with a light salad and some asparagus. I've had several people ask me to explain my version on asparagus since it's constantly paired with meals around the Jones house. I simply break the ends, place it in a dish, and pour a light amount (or brush on) olive oil. A few shakes of garlic salt, salt, and fresh ground pepper, then I pop it into the oven on broil. 15 minutes later Joey has a huge smile on his face over a vegetable. (lately the price has gone back up so we only get it once a week ... or less :( sad day)

Have a great week! Mine should be awfully/dreadfully long. I work extra hours and to extra work since my partner is out for the entire week of vacay. Should be rough.


Carter Taunton said...

I have had this pizza since I was 12 when your mom used to cook it for us! IT IS SO AWESOME!! - love, c

paula said...

still wanting to make this! so one my to do list.

Anonymous said...

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