Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well, it's that time in our lives where we've decided to take the plunge and buy a house. With what we're paying in rent, we figure a home might be a bit more comfortable and would allow me to make it our own :) Plus, if a baby were to appear in my belly (no, def not trying AT ALL) it would put us in an awful situation, so we're ready to do it.

We have fallen in love with so many homes, and change our minds so much that I'm wondering how you ever really make that decision?

What would I like to do? Move back into the house I grew up in and out of after college and be inside of what my dad dreamed of and created....
I couldnt resist snapping a pic of it when I drove by the other day. Houses you grow in become a part of you don't they?
A bit big for us? yes, but I have always dreamed of living inside of a home that my dad designed.....so maybe we'll hold tight, find something reasonable, and in a few years move into something fabulous like this....
Recognize it? Ever seen Something's gotta Give? GREAT MOVIE! but even better house...not so much the exterior as the interior, but it is FABULOUS and it's on the beach! yes, thank you!
I'll (WE'LL) take it! It's a much better size, good to grow in, but under one condition.....dad draws up his own version with my special spiral staircase to a jeanie bottle room inside a secret door in my closet (I told him thats all i wanted growing up and he still jokes with me about that when we talk houses....)

Pray for us to make the wisest decision and to trust the Lord to guide us to the place we need to be.

Happy ALMOST 4th of July

x x x


paula said...

I think I dream of living in a home your dad designed too:)

Sunny Jones said...

He just did a drawing for French cottages he may do either in town or in Destin. either way I wanted to put a hault on our house hunt and just move into the house on the paper :) Hope you had a great 4th!!