Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Night With Jamie Cullum

Well, I have been quite in love with Jamie Cullum's music for the past 5 years or so. If you haven't heard him, you really should give him a quick listen. Just be prepared to purchase a CD or 5. I have always had a love for Frank Sinatra and HArry Connick, Jr. so, of course, I loved Michael Buble when I heard him for the first time. But one beautiful evening while riding to the Summit with my mom, she let me hear her new CD and I fell hard fast. Jamie's music is everything I loved, but more edgy and modern with some rasp in his voice...not to mention he's alive. I'd say Michael Buble meets Paolo Nutini. Mom and dad got to see him in concert about two years ago and have not stopped talking about how amazing his performance was. Dont get me wrong, I trusted it was phenomenal bc his music IS just that. I just never imagined it was as "LIFE CHANGING" as she'd always claimed....I mean, shes a MOM and I've been to a few concerts in my time.

Well the second I heard he was coming to town in a small venue, I jumped on the wagon and got us floor seats only 10 rows back and it was just what she promised i would was all a double date surprise for my dad....but when we surprised him, he surprised us with the news that he wouldn't be in town :( so my mother in law came along and we turned it into another kind of family function....AND I think we landed Jamie a new fan while we were at it...What makes him so amazing live? Well I guess it's worth mentioning in today's day and age that he sings LIVE, he has no set list but simply plays what he feels like (which makes it fun to watch the musicians stare and shuffle instruments in record speed), he interacts with the audience, has us harmonize and play instruments....then for his encore, instead of coming back out to play one more he sat in the row in front of us, balanced on the chair rail, and sang with his band in the aisle. WOW! What a night! Here are a few videos/photos from the night.

Here's his encore performance....part one (of course I took 2 videos are you crazy?!?!)

Part Two

And here's just a little taste of how amazing he is...even if he's on stage

Now that I've promoted his tail off, the guy who opened was pretty awesome is Julian velard....

Happy Sunday. On a side note, I'd like to ask if everyone could keep Joey and I in their prayers. This house hunt is tough and we are hoping to stay on the path that the Lord would have us on. It's such a scary decision!

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