Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a little help please?

It's official....I am in major need of some work space. The problem is, I like simplistic looks, so storage is always minimal in the things I find. I also tend to love restoration's desks, which are out of the price range right now, so as usual, I turned to Ikea. To my delight, they have a build it yourself design now called Vika. I searched for a few images and to my delight, spotted a few I like. Now, I need some input on which you guys like.....

This one's a bit masculine for me, but with some femanine touches I think I could make it more "me" .... this image was over @ apartment therapy...which I love!

I love that you could customize this with photos/items under the glass top.....even some shelves fro storage on the legs.

light and normal path.....this table is basically 1)pick some legs 2)pick a top....any of these a favorite for you guys? better yet, any combos of the three you'd like better?

This would be going in our bedroom by the large window (only space available for now). Our room is white & charcoal gray.....basic restoration case you needed to picture things.

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