Saturday, July 17, 2010

Let me tell you a story

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl who fell madly in love. They got married in a castle, and moved home into an apartment. (Here's where the story went a little off course I'd say). They turned out LOVING every minute of it! The three of them (they have a fluffy little white dog) turned the apartment into a beautiful home, and made it a special place to come home to after their jobs - They play with other people's money all day long, and she takes a few pictures of pretty people and their babies on the side.

After 10 months of bliss, they got an itch to make an addition to the family. Not quite ready for a baby, and not being cat people, they decided they'd try to find a castle to move in to and officially make their home their own. Well, as these stories usually go, it wasn't as easy as they'd hoped. If she loved the kitchen, he hated the yard. If he loved the garage, she didn't like where the future nursery might be. After almost losing hope and giving up for a while, a precious little cottage showed up on her computer screen and they took a night drive to take a look at the precious home. Thinking that something would be wrong with the interior, they didn't let their hopes get high and decided to see if it was open to take a peek inside and immediately discover what part didn't quite fit. This had become the norm. Find a cute home, find whats wrong with it, and cross it off the list.

As luck would have it, the door was open! they took a peek inside and fell in love! Every one told them not to do it, bc they'd end up paying a price that would be more than they could afford, or they would lose it and be heartbroken. But the couple didn't listen and fell head over heels! She loved the formal dining room and immediately imagined Thanksgiving dinner with their families at her farmhouse table. She loved that the kitchen had a see through fireplace into the living room. There was a perfect spot for her photography office, and the master had a door leading to the back porch! But don't worry about the boy.....He loved a bit himself. He immediately pictured his new porche in the two car garage, safe and sound. He saw the yard he could take pride in, and he found the perfect spot to create a home office so he could sleep in while his wife headed to a long day at work in Homewood.

Everything was perfect, until they saw the price! They both screamed and felt their tummies in their throats knowing that they could never live in such a perfect place! The price was about 40 thousand dollars OVER what they had saved in their giant piggy bank. All hope was lost.


They discovered that since the market was so crummy, no offers had been put in, so they decided to offer what their ideal price. The boy made the offer, and the builder said "NO! I WANT IT ALL, buuuuuttttt maybe you can have 2 thousand off." Well the girl was sad, and so was the boy, so they prayed that God would show them the perfect number that they could live comfortably with to offer. They prayed over their decision, and let it be in His hands. The boy offered, the builder declined, and they moved on. The girl's heart melted when her new husband thanked the Lord that they lost the house. He was so much of a Spiritual leader to her that he proved His faith and they both felt more protected than ever. Obviously the cottage wasn't the right one.

The girl went to work the next day, and the next, and on that Friday, her husband called her to tell her that the builder called back. He said he'd call to let us know that the bidding was complete and he hadn't accepted. He told the girl that he got the call from the realtor, that she said they tried to help us get it, but that 30 thousand dollars was a big drop on the price of a house. Then he told her that he was sorry to tell her, but SHE HAS TO LIVE IN THE COTTAGE AFTER ALL!!!!!!!!! She cried, and they realized that God AS ALWAYS had them under his arms and was protecting them from paying more than they needed to.

So now the boy and the girl wait until August 15th to close and move in to their new home. They already lived happily ever after, but now they can grow happily ever after too!

To every one who prayed for God to lead us to the place HE wanted for us, THANK YOU! It is so amazing to see how He knows what is going to happen, and it has been even more amazing to learn to allow Him to take control. We are so blessed to have the friends that encourage us to do His will, and we can't thank you all enough. We are truly blessed to call you our friends and family.

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paula said...

what! you must be thrilled. where is it? Congratulations. God is awesome.