Monday, August 2, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

It's Monday, yes I know this, but I am very excited about the weekend ahead! Tomorrow morning we do the final walk-through of our new home, and I'm mainly excited about the "walking through" part. It will be nice to have a valid excuse to visit it other than, "I miss it and want to look again :)" i've grown quite fond of that little place and can't wait to move in. Current countdown: 18 days. Once I have fun doing that, it'll be a lot of working and editing photos before Thursday at 4:#0 arrives, but when it does I'm FREE! I took Friday off for my bday, and I am pretty excited about the day my family and hubs have planned for me. Thursday night I hope to bite into something like this for my 25th :) Then, bright and early Saturday morning we (mom dad and joey) will head to my castle in Atlanta...aka get me this desk for my new office at the new house :) I'm pretty excited to see everything come together.
That night we'll head to dinner with these two crazy kids for their rehearsal dinner. The next day will be their wedding and we couldn't be more thrilled to celebrate with them! Congratulations you guys! We love you both and pray God's blessing on your covenant of marriage.
This photo was taken by Kellen Jacob Coldiron. Go check him out he's AMAZING (did our wedding photos as well)

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