Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm on the hunt

For a few items & skills. If you can be of any assistance, I assure you that I would be more than grateful for your help.

This would be a combination of an item I want as well as a skill I so depserately need. I simply want the ability to keep a plant alive for more than 2 weeks. The 2 up front are aloe. I was given an aloe plant from a co-worker's greenhouse before our wedding and told by him that "if you can't keep this alive, you shouldn't have children." Well, it lived the 2 months before the wedding that I was with my parents, then passed the week we moved into the apartment! I'm telling you, I'm cursed! The great thing about these little guys is that you can put one in the bathroom, or one in the office, and you have a cute little living touch of green @ all times!

Image via House Beautiful

And why oh why can I not find any book coverings that I like? these would be PERFECT for the bedroom & my office. All I ever find is something too fancy. And don't tell me "DIY PROJECT" bc I am EXHAUSTED from 2 jobs, headboard building, editing, and packing to DYI a thing.

And the one thing that doesn't exist: My white piece of coral to use as a book end. Why? I saw it in a movie and loved it! Ignored the whole movie and stared @ this instead. To buy it I either need to dish out enough money to pay for the real deal (no thanks) or get some creepy faux version on a stand (even more of a "no thanks"). someone told me they saw something similar at Zgallery, but I'm not big on the store, and after dragging myself there (& seeing zebras, cheetas, and a lot of faux fur) I spotted a super shiny flashy version and have to pass. I DID find one at an antique mall only to flip it over and see NFS rather than a price. DRATS!

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Carter Taunton said...

try looking " unda da sea" for your coral :) Just a thought ! Have a good day my sunshine!