Thursday, August 12, 2010

* T W E N T Y F I V E * * a quarter of a life passed

Well, birthday part one was a special day! We are having dinner with some friends friday to celebrate since we were busy with wedding festivities, but it turned out to make the day even better! I woke up to waffles in bed, when Joey told me he'd rather me have them in the living room. hmmmmmmmm. I headed to the other room only to find a hand written card and a saks box all inside of 25 tea candles from the wedding in a square. If I got all of them blown in one breath, I got my gift. WELL OF COURSE I DID!
I opened the box to a gorgeous diamond bracelet that he picked out all by himself (w a little help from a lady named Denise Sheppard who works upstairs ;) ...)After a very big kiss he had to head off to work and I (having taken the day off work) took a bubble bath and headed to get a pedicure @ the spa (courtesy Mr. Jones). Lunch with my fabulous mother was followed by a trip to saks to buy a birthday dress! (yay). 2 new pairs of shoes later, we headed to my parent's house for birthday cakes one and two (they never know if I'll eat the real stuff or not since I try and stray from dessert)- angel food cake or birthday classic....yum to both!

After a 5 minute nap (not enough) we headed to the rehearsal & dinner for Shelley and Willy's wedding. The decorations @ Zapatas were adorable! The Wall's did a fabulous job with everything!

Then we went to Cafe Firenze with a few folks to hang out after the dinner. These girls are pretty awesome! It's nice that my hubs' friends picked such sweet girls to date

& I was more than thrilled to play with these 2 of my favorites @ the wedding. I love them a little more than a lot

Girlfriends/fiances/wife of the groomsmen
& this guy? Well he was just about the most HANDSOME groomsmen in that church! He is my trophy wife ;)
& last but not least, the bride. Mrs Wall was STUNNING ( & I was slightly jealous that she was able to attend her own reception ... ha)
Thank you to my sweet husband, family, and friends for making my birthday such a special one! I love you all very much.
Now for part two with Carter, Kristen, Jamie, 2 little babies, and a few others @ Superior Grill Friday. YUM

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