Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My favorite room of all

The bathroom of course! There is nothing quite like getting home from a long day @ work only to soak in a hot deep bathtub, neck high in bubbles, listening to my "bathtime playlist" and noticing it's time to paint my toenails. I have been living in a spot for the last year that made my favorite room my LEAST favorite. The huge deep tub I'm used to was replaced by what we affectionately refer to as "the canoe". Just deep enough to cover half the depth of your thighs, with a water heater that give you ALMOST enough heat to soothe your soreness from the work week. Not acceptable! Now with the new house 10 days within our reach, I'm on a major hunt for the perfect touches to reunite myself with what was once (and now will be again) my little paradise at home. Where did I turn for insipration? Where else have I turned since I was 16? RESTORATION. Why not? this is their roots!

To help you picture things, the guest bath is your typical guest bath. Single sink with shower/tub combo and one towel rack positioned on the blank wall across from the toilet (*yawn*). Just enough storage under the sink to put a few towels and extra soaps for guests.

The master has the double vanity with deep tub and seperate shower. The only issue with adding storage is that there isnt much blank wall space to work with. There is a small section between the tub and shower entrance on the wall to possibly have a tower of some sorts for towels, or a rack. (tub and shower are on your right...)

We could always just keep it simple and have a nice towel stand on display with our white turkish towel set. Joey will never understand why we have these gorgeous towels that you aren't allowed to use ;) . We use the slightly rough towels that stay hidden under the sink. Why would you do it any other way ?

& I am planning to order these TODAY now that I'm as in love with them as I am. What great little bathroom baskets? Hand towels, soaps, fun little bath salts, the possibilties are endless

These medicine bottles for the counters are my new favorite item in the recent catalouge. not so clear that you can see every single detail, but just enough to know what you're grabbing at! Cottonballs, cutips, and bath beads!
Spotted these also (new as well) and thought that one of these might be perfect for the blank wall problem in the master. I could roll pretty white towels in some openings and stick some of my new wire baskets in the others! Maybe even recover some of Joey's favorite "bath time" books in a rustic paper so they're less "Dave Ramsey" and more "ooooo what a pretty book"!
& these are always helpful aren't they? possibly a solution for the guest bathroom?

Let me introduce you to my best wedding gift! This is the reversible bath rug from restoration & is just about the fluffiest, most soft, amazing bath rug I've ever owned. Mine is white (gasp) and every time Joey walks on it with yucky feet or I have some makeup trickle to it's fibers, the washing machine gets it right out, still looking brand new. I've washed mine a good bit and it still looks like the day we got it! Most get grungy and yucky after time. It's a tiny bit more than one you'd get at target, but my gosh....STILL in A+ shape after a year is well worth the extra 10 bucks I'd say.
Thes little guys from binbin are so clean and neat (and neutral) so I fell hard fast. Out of stock! can you believe it? They would've been great for storing things that aren't so pretty out in the open.
Who says plain has to be boring? Throw in some of the outdoors with a plant, keep things clean and solid, and help keep the bathroom an oasis to come home to :)
& once you win the lottery, add some closet space to allow you to spend ALL of your time in the bathroom. From tub to clothes. Now that's what I call relaxing! Even more relaxing than that? The husband's cleanliness in this photo. I'm doubting that he's real. If only theyd lose the decor I'd be in heaven with those closets.

I promise to post pics of the new house before and after my mini transformations. Hopefully I'll be able to budget a few of these goodies into the final product.

last 2 photos via sarah white blossom & My home ideas

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