Monday, August 23, 2010

One year later......

well, after quite a long day Friday, followed by an even more tiring day of moving Saturday, we slept in our new home :) It is a pretty amazing feeling, and of course, I'll share photos as we work on making it just right, but for now I thought I'd give you a peak into our first anniversary!
As I'd said in the past, we'd planned to vacation to Savannah, Georgia, but buying a house took precedence and we figured that was a big enough gift for our first year of husband and wife.
Like I said, we were EXHAUSTED!!! but Sunday came and we woke up with huge smiles on our faces. A new home, a wonderful marriage, & such an amazing day in our life to re-celebrate. Our wedding was magic from beginning to end and our marriage has been even more magical. I can honestly say that Joey is brings the greatest joy to my life here on Earth. Christ made us for one another and together He has amazing plans for our lives. That has been so apparent this past year in the way He has answered our prayers. Sometimes it's "no" sometimes it's "wait" and sometimes (And we love these times) it's "yes". The house was a "yes" and we plan to use it for His glory and not our own.
After a yummy breakfast we got dressed and headed to do some window shopping in Mountain Brooke. A quick trip to bed bath and beyond (talk about being married! ha) and headed to get one last load from the apartment. We hated to do any moving, but we needed to. After working around the house, we started to get dressed for our dinner reservations at Flemings. This part did NOT go according to plan. The lack of photos are for good reason. We looked ROUGH! haha. I'd find a dress to wear only to realize my shoes were at the apartment. Joey didnt match, I had no eye makeup or hair straightener (if you know me this is a necessity) and I felt yucky :( well wouldnt you know but Mr Jones stared at me and told me I looked amazing and instantly melted the worry away.
Dinner was FANTASTIC! steak (rare) with parmesan peppercorn butter on mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, and a lava of chocolatey goodness for dessert. The ice cream was in chocolate chip wafer cups. Basically, AMAZING!

After dinner, we stopped by my parents' house for an anniversary gift. It was the postcards from our wedding. Everyone filled out postcards with a photo of us on our wedding day drawn by my father (architect) wishing us well. They had planned to mail them out to us one at a time over the first year, but we insisted on moving so they gave them to us wrapped in ribbon from the wedding and we had a few giggles reading some funny (and sweet) messages from our family and friends.

Then it was off to the new house. Being resourceful, we had champagne in wine glasses (still not sure where everything is) and defrosted the top of our wedding cake! I had a surprise up my sleeve for Mr Jones. We had a wedding video made, but it didn't turn out exactly how we'd hoped. I've spent a total of 20 hours taking the clips and photos and creating a 45 minute video of our rehearsal and wedding day with the perfect music in the background.
Here is the cake as it has sat in the freezer for the past 12 months...
& here it is unwrapped. A little disfigured, but it took the punishment like a trooper if you ask me
Last week I had told Joey I wanted to watch our video on the wall at the new house with a projector since our tvs wouldnt be set up. He thought he was about to play the dvd we've had and was quite thrilled to see what I'd put together. Even more fun was the fact that this huge empty frame is sitting above our fireplace. What a perfect frame for our wedding video!
We cuddled on our new (very long) couch and watched the greatest day of our lives together
It was so much fun watching Joey and his groomsmen that day since we weren't around each other for most of the time before the ceremony. Hearing him talk and say "Im getting married today this is awesome" melted my heart :)
We (hesitantly) sliced into the cake, and of course I made Joey taste it first.
Believe it or not, to have been frozen for a year it was quite good!
We really had the most romantic night & loved reliving the start of this journey
I had him a gift made through shutterfly thanks to my friend, Heather's blog. She had an amazing idea to document her and her boyfriend's years together with photo books. Less clutter, clean, and not as bulky as huge scrapbooks. Plus, who actually prints photos anymore? The binding says "year one" and each year I will make him one documenting that year of marriage. Kudos to Heather and Payton for blessing us with such a fun idea! We are already planning next year's.
Our neighborhood brought us this wine and note inviting us to the neighborhood. We were so excited!
Mr. Jones gave me a gift certificate to make (I've been DYING to wait to afford this) a huge coffee table book of all of our wedding photos! I am thrilled to finally get them off of a disk and have something gorgeous to keep our memories inside of.

To every one who was at our wedding, thank you. Thank you for witnessing our covenant to God and each other and for your prayers and support. We are happy to report that we are loving every single instant of our lives as one and look forward to many more to come.


Maria said...

are you talking about heather and payt's book? because they gave me that idea too! she has started a revolution! yall are so cute and i always check your blog for updates.

congrats on one year, the house and life!

keep in touch,
lindsey smith

Sunny Jones said...

how do you know Heather? we went to school together when we were little ones

Maria said...

her boyfriend, payt, is from close to where nathan is from! small world!