Friday, September 3, 2010

A laborous labor day

Well, it's finally here! Football season!! In the south we like our football, and the Joneses are fans of none other than the Auburn Tigers. What most people don't know about me is that I went to Alabama my freshman year. Long story short, a scholarship offer and good friends still couldn't keep me away from the place I'd learned to love that year. We are NOT thrilled, but will be unable to make it to the very first game of the season on Saturday. Having Monday off, it would've been the perfect opportunity, but we have a good bit of unpacking left to do and I have a photo shoot on Sunday. Probably not a good idea for me to show up Sunday with sleepy eyes and pure exhaustion from a night game. We WILL be spending our Saturday night watching the Tigers play. Hoping to have a few friends over who also opted to stay home to make it a little more fun :) I'm making a buffalo dip courtesy of a recipe I've gotten a few times from some sweet girls so I'll be sure and post it for a fun tailgate dish.

But Friday night & Saturday morning I have fun plans for Mr. Jones & he doesn't even know it yet...

Carter, my dearest friend, gave me CASH for my bday. She's so thoughtful. Funny as it seems, I wound up buying something with the money that she and I both love and she probably would have picked out for me herself had she found it. A CHANDERLIER! If you know me, then you know I'm a bit on the obsessed side. I love them over tubs, beds, patio furniture, office desks, you name it! This little lady was hidden in a flea market in Leeds so we dusted her off and put her in the Navigator. The only problem she had was that her wires looked a little (how can I put this sweetly) HOPELESS and she's missing the cap thingie mcflaughtcher (yes) that connects it to the ceiling so we have to make a run to lowe's to grab one of those. Anyhoot, I am hoping to convince him to hang this in the guest bedroom & my white one in my future office. This is not his favorite task since he has no ladder tall enough and is afraid of heights. He's forced to rig up a step ladder with about 4 feet of books to get high enough. Not his favorite past time for sure.

After our lights are hung, I'd really like to head out and buy some shades for the doors. Our house has 3 doors with a lot of glass leaving a lot less privacy than we'd like at times. It doesn't help that I see this backing out of the garage every day. Poor dear.
I'm hoping to find something like these....simple/classic/clean/WHITE (what other color is there?) Our curtains int he bedroom are white and since the patio door is mostly glass we need some nice plantation shutters to close it off. Well, those take more money than I care to spend at the moment so I think these will be our next best bet as a solution. I rather like them actually. I'd also like to cuddle up on that bed and take a nap...or 5
Meet Amanda & Renaud. My friend Meagan won these guys at the fair & passed them on to me. I'm sorry to say, but Renaud passed away about 5 hours after buying them this new bowl. I love too much I suppose. Now that Amanda is alone in the bowl, I'm thinking that some pretty pebbles for the bottom would be nice to get for her this weekend after her loss. She spends a lot of time resting on the bottom and what a lovely way to send my condolences! I'm on it for sure.
Lastly, I'd like to look into something while strolling through home improvement stores. Mr. Jones is unaware of this as of yet, but It's something I'd like done as a Christmas gift (along with a few billion other things) so hopefully I can send the hint out this way. GRASSCLOTH WALLS! I don't even need all four walls done, but I sure would like that element in our new bedroom. The only problem is that our current walls have a slight yellow tint and they aren't making me smile, soooo he'd probably have to paint the other 3 walls while he was at it. JOY! disclosure: I LOVE the actual room but hate the bed/bedding/and lounge chairs. no consultation after work, dinner w a buddy, shop in the am, make some football snackies, clean, watch football, photo shoot, church, unpack.........yeah, I'm biting more than a village could chew. BRING IT ON


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