Monday, September 6, 2010


This weekend was fabulous! I'll post pics this week to show you the progress we've made, but I'll take a second to fill you in on some of it.

Amanda got new rocks for her bowl (the fish, not the sister) as well as some tablets to maker her water nothing but good for her to be swimming in ;) She looked a little half dead last night so it might have been 6 dollars too much, but we'll see.

We made tons of fun snacks and watched our auburn tigers win their first game Saturday night! With very full bellies, we headed to sleep bc we had a big day the next day.

My photo shoot was cancelled (maternity) bc sweet Heather had early contractions and was put in the hospital for a few days. Keep her in your prayers. Things are okay with her and baby so we are rescheduling, but I can imagine how scary that must be! We headed off to IKEA instead on Sunday & my sweet parents went with us. It turned out as it always, EXHAUSTING! We got a lot of great stuff for the new place (textiles mainly since the furniture-furniture that 've ALWAYS used since I was 18- I have learned doesn't hold up well enough for long periods of time) but the deals were just as exciting and the crowd was just as overwhelming! We ate at an amazing italian restaurant my mom suggested and it was just as fabulous as she'd promised it would be. YUM!

Now I sit here, laying in our bed (I know, it's sad but we're POOPED) while my husband cooks me a yummy breakfast in our new kitchen. I cant help but feel blessed beyond belief for the blessings the Lord has given me. I see so many people date the wrong guy, place their full attention on fleeting things, and even sometimes I see those who think that they have to hurt others to bring themselves higher. I'm going to work on this whole "content" thing. I have it good, and if my life were to end today it would still have been a wonderful life. And no more feelings of anything but pity for those who try and make me out to be anything other than what God sees. It's simple, hate others and you cant be loved by Him.....dont forgive others and he cant forgive you.. . . . .Looks like my holidays are mixed up since I'm making resolutions for labor day. To each his own ;)
Don't worry, I included a pretty. Happy Labor Day! I hope you have fun spending time with friends and family...just dont forgot to RELAX while you're @ it!

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