Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tomato Mozzarella Panini

Well, it's about that time again....time to mix up dinner with something new. It's a love/hate relationship for me. I love coming up with new things to cook, but I also find it nice to just stick with my "go to"s and breeze through it all. This was definitely a treat & Joey finished mine off when I got full, meaning it was a success as well! Give it a try if you have a handy dandy panini maker. If not, try it in a george forman or maybe on a grill skillet. Regardless, give it a whirl :) It's a yummy way to eat dinner, not to mention, quick!

this part is pretty important......you MUST find a hungry boy and lure him to the kitchen...
Have him pay very close attention. This means that next time you guys eat this meal, HE can cook it for YOU :)
Then get all of your ingredients. You'll need fresh mozzerella, tomatoes, bread (I used regular but a fresh loaf at publix sure would have been nice had I had any on hand), pesto sauce, basil, fresh garlic, and melted butter.

spread your butter on the bread, then turn and spread a thin layer of pesto. Put the bread butter side down on your panini and build on top of the pesto with tomatoes, strips of mozzerella, basil, garlic shavings, and top with another piece of bread with pesto side down and butter side up. Cook it until it browns and serve with a yummy salad.
WARNING: this meal is warm & comforting...meaning your eyes may droop with that thanksgiving day sleepiness once you'rve finished. Grab the remote and your favorite pillow and get ready for a great nap! Aspyn certainly did.

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paula said...

so when are we doing dinner :)