Friday, January 28, 2011

Just Bragging

My husband is AMAZING! Have I ever told you guys that? He cooks me breakfast every morning, packs my lunch (sometimes with notes on the napkin), makes me a pot of coffee, and let's me lay on his chest and watch Golden Girls as I attempt to wake my sleepy self up.

He always finds the perfect time to call and tell me he's thinking about me, and somehow makes me feel safe when everything tells me not to.

And more ......

He's the best looking Wealth Manager I've ever seen. If we weren't already married......

Seriously though, the guy has created a program that helps people see the potential they have for retirement. Want to pay your house off early? He helps people do that! Want to retire att 60? what about 65? He helps people meet their goals and make the most of their hard earned money. Cool job, right? No wonder the guy is racking in clients left and right.....if it isn't his love for God and his way of helping people be good stewards of their money, it's gotta be that smile :)

Okay, I'm done. Seriously. I'm finished. Xx

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paula said...

yay! go joey!!!!