Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our 4th

Our 4th was spent on another annual family vaca to Seaside in Rosemary Beach, Fl. We had a BLAST and had the opportunity to spend the quality time we aren't often able to get. My sister lives in NYC, mom works weekends, and I usually have weddings or shoots scheduled weekends myself. It was so amazing to finally spend time with every one, and what better place to do it?

Joey and I got to take Aspyn to the beach to pass time waiting on the fireworks show. She was SO excited (her first time) to finally hit her paws to the sand. It was a big her
Amanda & Renaud would go out to the beach first, and leave last every day. They were still lounging around when we got outside to take Aspyn on her adventure.
Of course we witnessed a few amazing sunsets. My family vacations always consisted of Seaside, but if there's one place on earth I would have to be "stuck to" I'm glad it's there ....
We ate at some pretty amazing places (New Yorkers tend to find these fabulous places no matter where they travel )

After dinner photo shoots were definitely in order for the ladies.
Aspyn enjoying her first beach trip. We had such a great time and enjoyed every single second of it.
We hope you had a fantastic holiday as well!
update: THANK YOU for the prayers. Things are definitely getting better and I know I have my sweet friends and family to thank for that. God is good....ALL THE TIME

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